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Air Curtain 1 Meter | Aluminium Body (Standard Series)

Brand: Chronovex

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Enhance air circulation and maintain energy efficiency with our aluminium body air curtain. Ideal for commercial spaces. Get yours today!

Size1 Meter
Volt220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz
Air Volume1500 CFM (H), 1100 CFM (L)
Assembly2 Motor 3 Blowers
Power200 Watts

1 Years Chronovex Brand Warranty

30 Days Return Policy

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SKU: 200 WATTS-2 MOTOR 3 BLOWERS-1500 CFM (H), 1100 CFM (L)-220 V; SINGLE PHASE, 50 HZ-1-Meter-STANDARD

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Tags: Electric air curtain, Energy-efficient air curtain, Industrial air curtain, Commercial air curtain

Standard Series Air Curtains (Aluminium Body)

Essential details  

Model Name ACXS1001Y (Aluminium Body-Standard)
Air Velocity18-23 m/s
Noise Level50 dB
Height Covered10 Feet
Flow TypeNon Recirculating
Blower Diameter5 inch
Front ChasisAluminium
Suction GrillsABS
MountingHorizontal / Vertical
Motor TypeSquirrel Cage Induction Type
Motor Power120 W- 1 Motor ; 80 W - 1 Motor
Weight16 Kgs
CFM1500 CFM(H) ; 1100 CFM(L)
Outer LookElegant Sleek
% Insect/Dust Rejection92%
After Warranty ServiceOnline Support / Spare Parts
After-Sales ServiceFree Spare Parts
Dimension1000 x 210 x 235
Motor Winding100% Copper
OperationSwitch- Dual Speed
Fan TypeCentrifugal
Main & Back PlateMS Powder Coated
# of Blower3 Blowers
Motor HP0.20 HP
ShaftDouble Shaft- 1 ; Single Shaft- 1
CMH2549 CMH(H) ; 1869 CMH(L)
MaintainanceNot Required
Core ComponentsMotor
Key Selling PointsLong Service Life
ApplicationKeep the Clean Air Indoor
Sensor/Door SwitchAvailable





Air Curtain 1 Meter | Aluminium Body (Standard Series)

Air Curtain: The Perfect Entryway Solution

When it comes to maintaining the comfort and energy efficiency of your indoor spaces, our Air Curtain is the ideal choice. Engineered with precision and designed for versatility, this product provides exceptional performance and aesthetic appeal. Below, we'll delve into the key features and benefits that make this Air Curtain stand out.

Durable and Lightweight Construction

Our Air Curtain is crafted with a durable and lightweight aluminum body. This construction ensures longevity and ease of handling during installation and maintenance, making it a reliable choice for various settings.

Perfect Length for Any Doorway

Measuring at an optimal length of 1 meter, our Air Curtain is perfectly suited for a wide range of door widths and entryways. Whether you're dealing with a small office entrance or a spacious restaurant doorway, this product has you covered.

Efficient Air Barrier

The primary function of our Air Curtain is to create a powerful air barrier across doorways. This barrier effectively prevents the intrusion of outside elements, such as dust, insects, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring a clean and comfortable indoor environment.

Energy Conservation at Its Best

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our Air Curtain significantly reduces the transfer of heat or cold between indoor and outdoor spaces. By doing so, it helps lower your energy bills while maintaining an optimal indoor climate.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing our Air Curtain is a breeze. It's user-friendly design and comprehensive installation instructions ensure a hassle-free setup process, saving you valuable time and effort.

Versatile Applications

Our Air Curtain finds its perfect fit in a multitude of commercial and industrial settings. Whether it's a restaurant, retail store, office, or warehouse, it serves as a reliable solution to maintain indoor comfort while keeping outdoor conditions at bay.

Noise Reduction for Peaceful Spaces

We understand the importance of a peaceful indoor environment. That's why our Air Curtain is equipped with advanced noise reduction technology, ensuring that it operates quietly and efficiently, so your customers, clients, or employees can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere.

Customizable Settings

Our Air Curtain offers adjustable airflow speed and direction, allowing you to tailor its performance to your specific needs. This customization ensures optimal air distribution and user comfort, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the product.

Sleek and Modern Design

Blending seamlessly with various interior styles, our Air Curtain features a modern and sleek appearance. Its aesthetic appeal enhances the overall look of your establishment while maintaining a professional and inviting atmosphere.

Longevity You Can Count On

Engineered to withstand regular usage, our Air Curtain is built to deliver reliable performance over an extended period. You can trust its durability and functionality to remain consistent, even in high-traffic environments.


In summary, our Air Curtain is a superior choice for maintaining indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetics in a wide range of settings. Its durable construction, efficient air barrier, and customizable features make it an essential addition to commercial and industrial spaces. Invest in our Air Curtain and experience the difference it can make in your indoor environment.

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An aluminium body air curtain is a device used to create an invisible barrier of air that separates two different environments, usually indoors and outdoors. It consists of a sleek and durable aluminium body that houses the motor and fan assembly.

The air curtain works by drawing in air from the environment and propelling it downwards in a high-velocity stream. This creates a continuous curtain of air that prevents the flow of outdoor air, dust, insects, and pollutants from entering indoor spaces while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Some advantages of an aluminium body air curtain include: Improved energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer between indoor and outdoor environments. Prevention of drafts and temperature fluctuations. Effective barrier against dust, insects, and airborne pollutants. Enhanced indoor air quality by minimizing outside contaminants. Increased comfort for building occupants. Reduction in heating and cooling costs.

Aluminium body air curtains are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as: Commercial buildings: Retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Industrial facilities: Warehouses, manufacturing plants, production areas, etc. Healthcare facilities: Hospitals, clinics, laboratories, cleanrooms, etc. Hospitality sector: Hotels, resorts, banquet halls, etc. Educational institutions: Schools, colleges, universities, auditoriums, etc.

Yes, aluminium body air curtains are designed for easy installation. They can be mounted above doorways, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the available space and the specific requirements of the application. The units typically come with detailed installation instructions.

Modern aluminium body air curtains are designed to operate quietly, ensuring minimal disruption to the indoor environment. However, the noise level may vary depending on the specific model and fan speed selected. Manufacturers often provide information on the decibel (dB) ratings of their products, helping customers choose the appropriate unit for their needs.

Yes, aluminium body air curtains are often customizable to suit different requirements. Customers can typically choose from a range of sizes, motor/fan configurations, control options, and additional features to meet their specific needs. Consulting with the manufacturer or supplier can help determine the available customization options.

Yes, aluminium body air curtains can be used in conjunction with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. In fact, they are often integrated into HVAC control systems to maximize energy efficiency and ensure seamless operation. Coordinated control allows the air curtain to activate when doors are open and deactivate when they are closed.

Yes, aluminium body air curtains are designed to be energy-efficient. By creating an effective barrier between indoor and outdoor environments, they help reduce heat transfer, minimizing the load on HVAC systems and ultimately saving energy. Selecting energy-efficient motors and optimizing air curtain settings can further enhance their efficiency.

Maintaining an aluminium body air curtain typically involves regular cleaning and filter replacement. Dust and debris can accumulate on the fan blades and surfaces, reducing efficiency. Cleaning instructions are usually provided by the manufacturer, and it is important to follow them to ensure optimal performance. Filter replacement frequency may vary depending on usage and environmental conditions.

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