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Air Curtain 7 Feet | Metal Body (Advanced Series)

Brand: Chronovex

₹29,900.00  ₹35,699.00

Discover our advanced metal body air curtain series – energy-efficient, durable, and customizable for commercial and industrial spaces.

Size7 Feet
Volt220 V; Single Phase, 50 Hz
Air Volume3500 CFM (H), 2550 CFM (L)
Assembly4 Motor 7 Blowers
Power440 Watts

5 Years Chronovex Brand Warranty

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SKU: 7-feet-A-PCX-440 WATTS-4 MOTOR 7 BLOWERS-3500 CFM (H), 2550 CFM (L)-220 V; SINGLE PHASE, 50 HZ-ADVANCED

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Advanced Series Air Curtains (MS Powder Coated Body)

Essential details  

Model Name PCXA2105Y (Metal Body-Advanced)
Air Velocity18-23 m/s
Noise Level60 dB
Height Covered10 Feet
Flow TypeNon Recirculating
Blower Diameter5 inch
Front ChasisMS Powder Coated
Suction GrillsABS
MountingHorizontal / Vertical
Motor TypeSquirrel Cage Induction Type
Motor Power120 W- 3 Motor; 80 W-1 Motor
Weight28 Kgs
CFM3500 CFM(H) ; 2550 CFM(L)
Outer LookSleek
% Insect/Dust Rejection92%
After Warranty ServiceOnline Support / Spare Parts
After-Sales ServiceFree Spare Parts
Dimension2100 x 210 x 235
Motor Winding100% Copper
OperationSwitch- Dual Speed
Fan TypeCentrifugal
Main & Back PlateMS Powder Coated
# of Blower7 Blowers
Motor HP0.20 HP
ShaftDouble Shaft- 3; Single Shaft-1
CMH5947 CMH(H) ; 4333 CMH(L)
MaintainanceNot Required
Core ComponentsMotor
Key Selling PointsLong Service Life
ApplicationKeep the Clean Air Indoor
Sensor/Door SwitchAvailable





7-Foot Metal Body Air Curtain: Enhanced Performance for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Introducing our Advanced Series 7-Foot Metal Body Air Curtain, designed to deliver exceptional air separation and climate control for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Crafted with precision, this air curtain combines cutting-edge technology with a robust metal body to provide unparalleled performance and durability.

Key Features:

1. Air Curtain with Metal Body: The rugged metal construction ensures longevity and reliable operation even in demanding environments.
2. Commercial Metal Air Curtain: Specifically engineered for commercial spaces, offering optimal airflow management and temperature control while maintaining energy efficiency.
3. Industrial Metal Body Air Curtain: Built to withstand industrial settings, this air curtain effectively prevents external elements from infiltrating, maintaining a clean and comfortable indoor environment.
4. Heavy-Duty Metal Air Curtain: Designed for heavy-duty applications, the metal body enhances structural integrity, ensuring dependable performance over time.
5. Premium Metal Body Air Curtain: Elevate your space with a premium air curtain that not only offers functional benefits but also adds an aesthetic touch.
6. Energy-Efficient Metal Air Curtain: Experience energy savings through advanced air sealing, reducing the load on HVAC systems and optimizing overall energy consumption.
7. Metal Housing Air Curtain: The thoughtfully designed metal housing provides extra protection to internal components, extending the air curtain's lifespan.
8. High-Performance Metal Air Curtain: With a powerful airflow, this air curtain effectively prevents temperature leakage and cross-contamination between spaces.
9. Metal Design Air Curtain: The sleek and modern metal design enhances the overall ambiance of your establishment while serving a crucial purpose.
10. Metal Frame Air Curtain: The sturdy metal frame reinforces the structural integrity of the air curtain, contributing to its long-lasting performance.
11. Stainless Steel Air Curtain: Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this air curtain is perfect for areas requiring higher hygiene standards.
12. Durable Metal Air Curtain: Built to withstand wear and tear, the durable metal body ensures a prolonged operational life span.
13. Weatherproof Metal Air Curtain: Its weatherproof capabilities make it suitable for outdoor entrances, effectively shielding indoor environments from external weather conditions.
14. Noise-Reducing Metal Air Curtain: The advanced design minimizes operational noise, creating a more comfortable and peaceful indoor environment.
15. Sleek Metal Air Curtain: The sleek and streamlined metal body seamlessly integrates into various architectural styles, maintaining the aesthetics of your space.
16. Corrosion-Resistant Metal Air Curtain: The corrosion-resistant properties of the metal body ensure longevity even in challenging and corrosive environments.
17. Customizable Metal Body Air Curtain: Tailor the air curtain's dimensions and appearance to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.
18. Long-Lasting Metal Air Curtain: Benefit from extended reliability, thanks to the robust metal construction that withstands the test of time.

Upgrade your establishment with the Advanced Series 7-Foot Metal Body Air Curtain, a perfect blend of innovation, durability, and performance. Create an ideal indoor environment while maintaining energy efficiency and hygiene standards.




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The 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain is a cutting-edge air curtain system designed and manufactured by CHRONOVEX. It offers advanced features to efficiently manage indoor environments.

The 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain boasts a length of 7 feet, advanced technology for superior airflow, and a robust metal body construction. Its innovative design ensures optimal performance and durability.

Using the 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain results in benefits like enhanced indoor air quality, temperature regulation, reduced energy consumption, protection against pollutants and insects, and improved overall hygiene.

You can purchase the 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain by CHRONOVEX on our official website: www.chronovex.in. For further assistance, you can contact us at +91 7699901990 or email us at contact@chronovex.in.

The 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain is suitable for a wide range of applications, including commercial spaces, industrial setups, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and retail stores. It's ideal for places that require controlled environments.

This air curtain is engineered to create a strong air barrier, preventing air exchange between indoor and outdoor environments. By maintaining separation, it aids in reducing heating or cooling losses, resulting in improved energy efficiency.

Yes, the 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain comes with comprehensive installation instructions. For professional installation or guidance, feel free to contact us at +91 7699901990 or email us at contact@chronovex.in.

Absolutely, CHRONOVEX offers customization options for the 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain. You can adjust speed settings, controls, and even explore additional accessories to tailor it to your requirements.

Yes, the 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain is designed for quiet operation. Its advanced technology minimizes noise, ensuring a peaceful indoor environment.

For more information about the 7 FEET ADVANCED Series Metal Body Air Curtain or any inquiries about our products, please contact us at +91 7699901990 or send an email to contact@chronovex.in. Visit our official website, www.chronovex.in, for detailed product information and updates.

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