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Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)

Brand: Chronovex

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Chronovex Electric Insect Killer 1 Feet, used as a Pest control of Flying Insects which protect yourself and your family.  

1 Years Chronovex Brand Warranty

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Product Specification

Model Name/NumberBluster 12-PK
Pest Control TypeMosquitoes
Light SourceElectricity
Size12x4.75x11 inch
Power16 W
Fitting TypeWall
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage220V AC
Tubes Size1 feet


Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)

The Chronovex Electric Flying Insect Killer kills flying insects with an electrical discharge. This device attracts and kills flying insects attracted to light. As insects are attracted to a light source, they touch two wires with high voltage between them and are electrocuted. Flying insects are attracted to the product by ultraviolet tubes, then zapped dead by a high-voltage electric grid. UV light attracts flying insects to the unit. A killing grid is used to kill them before they are disposed of hygienically in a catch tray.


  • Ease of maintenance
  • Design for high roof area.
  • Heavy and sturdy.
  • Big size bottom tray to collect dead insects.
  • M.S. epoxy powder-coated body for the best look
  • For human safety with on/off rocker switch & fuse holder is compulsory.
  • Safe in use  

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The "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" is an electric insect killer machine designed to effectively eliminate flying insects in and around your home.

The "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" uses a powerful UV light to attract flying insects towards it. Once the insects come in contact with the device, they are zapped and eliminated.

Yes, the "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" is designed for home use to help you get rid of pesky flying insects indoors.

Yes, the "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" can also be used in restaurants or other commercial spaces to control flying insect populations.

The "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" is highly effective in attracting and eliminating flying insects, providing you with a bug-free environment.

Yes, the "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" is safe for pets, as it uses electric zappers and does not involve harmful chemicals.

For pricing details and other product information, please visit our website www.chronovex.in or contact us at 7699901990.

The "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" offers a powerful and efficient solution to tackle flying insects, making it a top choice among insect killers.

Yes, the "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)" comes with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

To find the nearest retailer or store selling the "Insect Killer 1 feet (Bluster 12-PK)," please check our website or contact us at 7699901990.

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